CSI Lifecycle Ltd

CSI Lifecycle Services is a leader in managing end of life IT disposal, with care taken at every stage of the process to provide the ideal solution.

CSI LCS is constantly making improvements to disposal procedures and the latest offering is our new packaging method – the Hog Box.

The Hog Box acts as a complete end-to-end transit system, helping equipment avoid being damaged during transportation. Unlike traditional cardboard packing, Hog Boxes can be used time and time again, negating the need for pallets. Hog Boxes are designed to be stacked and use a dedicated lifter for ease of movement.

Watch a video of the Hog Box in action:


Hog Boxes are now our default method of collecting IT equipment, working particularly well for laptops and TFT monitors.

The new solution is already proving popular with our customers, with one satisfied client saying of our courier: “He had proper equipment with him (including a trolley) and knew exactly what he was doing, he was an absolute pleasure and it only took an hour of my time instead of hours.”

If you are interested in seeing our Hog Boxes in action when disposing of your old IT equipment, please visit our IT asset disposal page on our website and submit an enquiry, email disposal@csilcs.co.uk or call 0114 399 3900.