CSI Lifecycle Ltd

Recently CSI Lifecycle Services unveiled the new Data Destruction Recycling Vehicle (DDRV) including a report of its first international trip to Germany.

As well as shredding hard drives to 30mm for commercial data or 6mm for highly sensitive data, the DDRV is equipped with a bespoke video recording system which takes footage of the entire process. There are two cameras in the DDRV, one of which can be seen below:

DDRV Camera

There are cameras in two opposite corners of the DDRV. In the above photo one camera can be seen at the top of the image in the middle.

The camera system also features an overlay system which displays serial numbers as they are scanned and shredded. This is designed to provide the ultimate security assurance, as it is plainly visible that each drive has been successfully shredded.


A still shot of the recording process, which captures every second of the data destruction process.

During the shredding process, our bespoke software lists each item that has been scanned and shredded. This software displays details for the serial number, type of media and date of shredding.

Software Showing Serial Numbers

The information in the software is updated in real-time as each drive is scanned and shredded.

Once all drives have been shredded, a report is compiled – such as the one below – and this is later provided to the customer to acknowledge complete shredding of their hard drives and other media. This also lists all items by serial number and media type.


The shredding report shows details of the item type, unique bar code and date of destruction.

It is important that we offer only the highest level of data security to our clients – and for this reason at CSI Lifecycle Services a DVD recording, as well as a certificate of destruction, can be provided to the customer once the process is complete. To read more about our DDRV, data destruction process and to make an enquiry, contact us by calling 44 (0)114 232 9200, emailing ddrv@csilcs.co.uk, or fill out an enquiry form on our website.