CSI Lifecycle Ltd

In addition to the on-site data destruction service offered via our Data Destruction Recycling Vehicle (DDRV), CSI LCS can also offer customers the option of having their hard drives wiped on-site.

Organisations aim to assure the highest levels of security on their networks while their IT equipment is in use to prevent serious data breaches and this should be no different when it comes to decommissioning their assets. There is an inherent security risk in removing assets from your premises without removing sensitive data first – this is where onsite data wiping can prove to be an excellent solution.

CSI LCS can send its trained and security-cleared staff onsite to perform a mass data wipe of your IT equipment. We use the industry-leading Blancco software which conforms to the government’s CESG standards detailed in HMG InfoSec Standard No. 5. CSI LCS can provide this service throughout Europe with the aim of protecting your organisation from the risks and liabilities typically associated with IT disposal.

Blancco in use at CSI LCS

Testing bays used to perform a Blancco data wipe at CSI LCS’s premises

Once hard drives are wiped, organisations have the opportunity to reuse them internally, which can be a significant financial benefit. Alternatively, keeping hard drives intact can allow for a greater value in an asset recovery arrangement when selling old equipment to an IT disposal firm.

If the data wiping process should fail for any reason, the Blancco software will give details of the fault so that an alternative method of data destruction can be followed, including physical destruction using CSI Lifecycle Services’ DDRV.

To enquire about onsite data wiping, please contact us on info@csilcs.co.uk or 0114 399 3900.