CSI Lifecycle Ltd

CSI Lifecycle Services is delighted to roll out its new Data Containment Units (DCUs) as an additional services to its regular data destruction customers.

A DCU is a lockable unit designed to store old hard drives, tapes, DVDs and other electronic media in a secure location awaiting final destruction. Each DCU can hold approximately 100 hard drives (larger units are available on request) and helps ensure drives are not lost, which could lead to a costly data breach.

One of CSI Lifecycle Services' DCUs.

One of CSI Lifecycle Services’ DCUs.

For customers who opt to take a DCU, CSI Lifecycle Services will arrange regular collections on a monthly or quarterly basis, or as often as is required. Our Data Destruction Recycling Vehicle (DDRV) will arrive onsite and the DCU can be unlocked once loaded onto the vehicle providing a highly secure chain of custody.

Two DCUs on DDRV

Two DCUs being loaded onto CSI Lifecycle Services’ DDRV

If you would be interested in installing a Data Containment Unit on your premises, please get in touch by calling 0114 232 9214, email ddrv@csilcs.co.uk or complete the form below.