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CSI EPC Expands to Vancouver

Toronto-based CSI Electronics Processing Centre Ltd. (CSI EPC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSI Leasing Canada Ltd., has expanded its operations by opening a facility in Vancouver, British Columbia. This new facility complements CSI EPC’s existing operations in Toronto, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta. “This expansion will help us better serve our customers on the West coast, […]

Equifax Data Hack Affected 694,000 UK Customers

The beleaguered credit reference agency Equifax has now admitted that 694,000 customers in the UK had their data stolen between May and July this year. The firm’s original estimate of its UK cyber-theft victims, made last month, was fewer, at nearly 400,000. Equifax now says that it will contact its affected UK customers by letter […]

Supermarket Morrisons Sued by Staff Over Personal Data Leak

Thousands of Morrisons staff are suing the company after their personal details were posted on the internet. The High Court action is seeking to make the supermarket chain liable after a member of staff stole the data of nearly 100,000 employees in 2014. Andrew Skelton, an auditor at the firm’s Bradford head office, was jailed for […]

Secure Sanitisation of Storage Media

Why sanitisation is necessary, the risks to manage, and how to sanitise affordably. This guidance is suitable for any organisation wishing to ensure that their data held on storage media can not be read by unauthorised parties after it has left organisational control. What is sanitisation? Any data which is sensitive to your business should be […]

PCI DSS Compliance Reduces Likelihood of Data Breaches

A Verizon report shows a link between compliance with the payment card industry security standard and an organisation’s ability to defend against cyber attacks, but nearly half are failing to maintain compliance. Of all the payment card data breaches Verizon investigated in the past year, no organisations were found to be fully compliant with the payment […]

Recycled E-waste Adds to Cybersecurity Concerns

Electronic waste, or e-waste, incites more than an environmental crisis, as most disposed hardware still leaves unsecured traces of data linked back to its former owner, according to a Fortune report. Improper destruction of recycled devices can leave sensitive data vulnerable to whomever picks it up. While the U.S. legally exports electronic waste to Asia and Africa, […]

Google Announces Plans for ‘Zero Waste’ Data Centres

Google announced Thursday it is diverting 86% of waste from its 14 data centers away from landfills to more sustainable pathways. Six of the data centers have already become “zero waste” operations. In addition to reduction strategies and analytics, Google is focusing on better management of its electronic equipment, such as repairing or recycling servers and electronic […]

Firm Fined for Making Record 146 Million Nuisance Calls

Dirwy o £350,000 i gwmni am wneud 146 miliwn o alwadau niwsans – y nifer fwyaf erioed A company behind a record high 146 million illegal calls about PPI has been fined £350,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). People were left feeling harassed and threatened by the recorded – also known as automated – calls initiated […]

Enterprise compliance with PCI DSS is up, says Verizon

Verizon has some good news and some bad news about organizations’ compliance with PCI DSS. In its 2017 “Payment Security Report,” Verizon analyzed the “compliance patterns and control failures” of organizations subject to PCI DSS. The report also pulled information from Verizon’s annual “Data Breach Investigations Report” and looked at the correlation between the findings […]