IT Asset management and data destruction.

At CSI EPC we understand that every client is different, that’s why our asset management and data destruction services can be tailored to suit. Once your assets have been transported using our secure collection service they will be processed to suit your requirements. All of our warehouse and technical centre staff are security cleared. Also, our technical centre is fully equipped with CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and allows access to authorized personnel only – ensuring the safety and security of your data and equipment.  See below our suite of services available to be tailored to suit your requirements:

Discovery: Our staff capture the OEM details including make, model, serial number, memory features and more that, when compiled, become an established unique number. This and all other vital information is made available via Client specific reporting.

Audit: All assets for remarketing are tested for functionality, repaired and cleaned if necessary in preparation for resale. We are a certified MAR refurbisher meaning each item which passes audit will then be loaded with authenticated Windows operating systems upon request.

Data Erasure: Using industry-leading, certified and trusted data destruction software Blancco, we can ensure that your sensitive data is securely destroyed. Blancco generates an automated, tamper-proof report containing line by line detail such as hard drive serial number, hardware specification and technician name amongst other information. Blancco ensures compliant data destruction and is certified by many authorities. By choosing our disk wiping option the entire device can then be reused.

Physical Destruction: If data wiping/erasure fails, the Blancco software will give details of the specific fault so that an alternative method of destroying the data can be employed. We provide a disk shredding service which guarantees data destruction. This can also be a chosen option if the client would prefer physical destruction. All shredded hard disks are recycled in accordance with the applicable government recycling directives.

Reporting: Once your data has been wiped or physically destroyed, we then provide your organization with a comprehensive report which is generated to establish the erasure result and/or a certificate of destruction. These tamper-proof and verifiable reports are an essential part of regulatory, compliance and legal auditing requirements.

Remarketing & Refurbishment: Once the equipment has been audited and confirmed as fully functional it can be refurbished for resale. You can always be assured you are getting the maximum value from your assets and your payment will be promptly received upon completion of the project.

Recycling: We aim to fully demanufacture obsolete and defective equipment in a responsible manner as part of our asset management and data destruction process, through full compliance with the applicable government directive. Additionally, CSI EPC is registered with OES and ARMA.