CSI EPC is a leader in providing IT asset disposal services, data destruction services and computer recycling. For over 30 years CSI EPC has worked with organizations globally to manage the disposal and remarketing of end of life and IT equipment. We offer a suite of services including collection, audit, data destruction, hard drive shredding and are fully compliant computer recycling agents.

As part of the CSI worldwide group, CSI EPC also manages asset disposal for our parent company CSI Leasing, processing thousands of items of IT equipment for large organizations every month. We provide reliable and secure end-of-life and lease disposal for large multi-nationals, local government and educational organizations.

We have two locations within Canada where we perform comprehensive audits on the large volumes of equipment that is collected from across Canada. As part of a worldwide organization we also have facilities for IT disposal and data destruction in the US, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean  as well as access to partner facilities around the world.

Also part of the CSI Group:

CSI Leasing

CSI Leasing, Inc.

Founded in 1972, CSI Leasing has been part of the IT industry for 40 years. Today, CSI Leasing is one of the largest independent IT lessors in the world with a presence in over 20 countries across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

To find out more about CSI Leasing, please visit their website. www.csileasing.com


CSI Lifecycle was founded


employees globally

350,000 sq ft

of sales and production space globally


Established in 1986 as a private company, the business was one of the first in the UK to recognize the need for secure IT asset disposal, IT recycling and data destruction services. The business grew quickly as the growth of computer use in business expanded rapidly during the 80’s and 90’s. By the mid 90’s we were providing services to many of the leading businesses in the UK and had established ourselves as one of the leading asset disposal and computer recycling companies in the UK. This position brought us to the attention of CSI Leasing, one of the world’s largest IT leasing companies who were looking for an IT asset management company to manage their lease returns in Europe. CSI bought the company in 1998.

EPC is CSI’s USA disposal subsidiary and one of the market leaders in that part of the globe. Founded in 1984, EPC has been providing asset disposal services for over 25 years. EPC has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSI since 1998.

The CSI business was acquired by Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation in 2016, further strengthening our global position as one of the world’s largest and most experienced IT leasing and IT disposal companies.


Environmental Policy

Our Purpose:

CSI Lifecycle Services is passionately committed to the positive protection of the environment – meeting the needs of the present without compromising those of the future. We have been awarded ISO14001 – Environmental Management. All of our computer recycling and data destruction services are carried out in accordance of the WEEE regulations.

Our Commitment:

CSI Lifecycle Services is committed to preventing pollution and minimising the impact of its operations on the environment. This will be achieved through a programme of continual improvement. We aim wherever possible to reuse equipment or salvage usable parts, when this is not possible we ensure all materials are recycled correctly. Computer recycling is one of the key services provided by CSI and as such we make it our priority to ensure our services are compliant with all regulations.

Our Policy:

CSI Lifecycle Services will:

  • Meet all relevant legislation and set our own standard where no regulations exist.
  • Continue to refine and develop our Environmental Policy in line with business needs, taking into account appropriate best practices.
  • Understand relevant environmental science in order to keep abreast of current and developing issues.
  • Reduce rather than dispose of wherever possible and promote recycling and the use of recycled materials.
  • Promote energy efficiency in our locations.
  • Reduce where practicable the level of harmful emissions.
  • Consider environmental issues throughout the lifecycle of our leased assets, equipment and services.
  • Promote individual awareness of good environmental practices.

Why CSI?

At CSI we offer a suite of services including collection, audit, data destruction, hard drive shredding and more – but that isn’t the only reason to choose us!

  • Established for over 30 years.
  • Fully WEEE compliant IT Disposal.
  • global capability with 12 CSI owned and access to additional partnered sites around the world.
  • ISO accredited – We have been awarded ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001.
  • Registered with the Environment Agency.
  • All warehouse staff and technicians are HMG BPSS security cleared.
  • Class leading data wiping and physical data destruction capabilities.
  • We also manage asset disposal for our parent company CSI Leasing, processing thousands of items of IT equipment for large organisations every month.
  • We provide reliable and secure end-of-life ITAD and lease disposal for large multi-nationals, local government and educational organisations.
  • MAR registered – refurbishing IT assets and recovering residual value for our clients.
  • Fully auditable processes.