Data Security & Destruction

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CSI EPC performs a wide array of secure data eradication services according to your requirements. We utilize only the best drive wiping software and strong inventory management controls. CSI EPC will help you with your individual project or enterprise-wide programs, and provide you the custom data security solution to protect your organization from the risks and liabilities associated with IT Asset Disposal. Your organization’s confidential or proprietary data is too important to entrust to just any IT recycler. Count on CSI EPC, the industry leader in data security.



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While the destruction of your hard drive is the most effective way to ensure your information remains safe, CSI EPC also provides a series of industry standard solutions that wipe your existing hard drives. This allows your company to:

  • Reuse internally, which can have a financial benefit, as well as lower your risk for a data breach or theft and eliminate your chain of custody concerns.
  • Maximize your asset recovery dollars by retaining a system with all vital components intact, i.e. hard drive, RAM, power supply while ensuring that the hard drive has been 100% cleansed.

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For complete peace of mind when it comes to your data, CSI EPC also provides complete hard drive and media destruction. Utilizing top of the line mechanical shredders, we destroy hard drives, SSD drives, tapes, optical disks, USB, flash media and mobile technology devices, reducing your data to impenetrable shreds. All residual shreds are then smelted, further eliminating your data security concerns.

  • Data Destruction Recycling Vehicle (DDRV) trucks are completely self-contained with internally generated power
  • Destruction is performed on-site within the confines of client docks or related work areas
  • Processing on-site fully eliminates chain of custody concerns
  • Serial number recording of each shredded asset (S/N Overlay)
  • Hard copy of each serial number with Certificate of Destruction
  • Each project session is captured on video and is provided on a flash drive upon completion of each project
  • Residual shredded materials are recycled by CSI EPC via our downstream providers, or incineration under Waste to Energy processing, at CSI EPC’s expense

Data Destruction
For true peace of mind when it comes to your data, choose CSI EPC—Certified, reputable, data eradication experts.
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Data Containment Units (DCU) are reinforced hardened plastic containers which provide a safe and secure storage place for decommissioned and soon-to-be-shredded hard drives.

DCUs provide an extra layer of security and protection for your decommissioned equipment while awaiting pick-up at your facility.

Call your account manager today to have DCUs delivered to your facility at no charge.

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CSI EPC’s fleet of Data Destruction & Recycling Vehicles (DDRV) is the top solution for on-site data destruction.